What Are The Different Services Of Web Hosting Companies?


What Are The Different Services Of Web Hosting Companies?

Nowadays an online presence is absolutely crucial for any business. It maybe just an information website for your business, or you might want to setup an online sales site to sell your prodcuts, or you might want to give out some online service. For all of these requirements it is paramount that you have the Best Web hosting UK to support your website.

It’s highly important to build an attractive website by a good web development company for launching an online business. Actually a lot of effort goes into making websites as presentable as possible to their audiences but many people don’t think about the web hosting service they are going to use for their website. The web hosting service you select has a huge impact on the security, strength and reliability of a website. Hence, if you are resident of UK, then you should find the best web hosting UK available.

Not all web hosting services are the same. Depending on the type of websites you will be hosting, the type of web hosting service that you select will be different as well. The different services of web hosting are-

  • Cloud based Web Hosting: When it comes to web hosting or any kind of IT related services, Cloud solution is the most preferred one because it is the best. Cloud based web hosting is a hosting technology which enables massive servers to work together to finally form a big server. One of the great advantages of cloud based web hosting is that it specializes in driving a massive website traffic which is absolutely important for an online business. The cloud hosted website plan can help in accommodating massive traffic to your newly build online business platform.


  • Virtual Private Server (VPS): The virtual private server is a virtualized server. The VPS hosting is one of the web hosting services which is applicable for websites for online businesses. The virtual server is often differentiated between shared and dedicated servers. One of the great advantages of VPS is it avoids the problem of bringing down your website by another hosted website.


  • Shared Web Hosting: Shared web hosting is a service which provides services to multiple websites. But, each websites have their own domain name; the only difference is those multiple websites receive the service from a single web server. Many websites prefer shared web hosting because, it’s a bit less expensive compared to the other options.


  • Dedicated Web Server: A dedicated web server is like a hired web hosting company for which you have a full access, which means that company is going provide web hosting service only for your website. With a dedicated web server you don’t need to worry about sharing services with other companies. Unlike shared web servers, dedicated web servers work only for one company. Moreover, a dedicated web server is the best server that you generally need for growing your online business and driving traffic. But, the cost is a bit higher than shared web services. The cost does not matter when it comes to growing your business to be one step ahead of everyone by implementing better solutions.


  • WordPress Hosting: The word press hosting services are specially designed for WordPress websites. When it comes to building web or online platforms, wordpress web hosting is the most popular one and is also referred to as Managed WordPress hosting. This system of web hosting keeps your website up to date and protect from outer threats as well like hacking. Hence, WordPress web hosting is a great option for both startups and established online business and websites.